Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program

Pharmacy students who wish to pursue a career in the biopharma industry may be interested in this:

Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program

In 1984, the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and two pharmaceutical companies initiated a collaborative pilot program to evaluate the potential contributions of clinically trained pharmacists within a pharmaceutical industry practice setting. The program has grown exponentially to include 12 partner companies (including several of the top ten global companies) within the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Over 500 Post-Doctoral Fellows have completed the Program to date, many of whom are pursuing influential and rewarding careers in industry throughout the US and abroad. Over 80 PharmDs now participate in the Fellowship Program annually.

The Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program is a structured program designed to provide hands-on training in areas ranging from coordinating clinical trials to acting as a liaison with regulatory agencies and research organizations, while preparing pharmacists for challenging positions within the pharmaceutical industry.


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